Founded in 1997, Triumph Studios is a games developer and publisher based in the university town of Delft, The Netherlands. We are the creators of the original Age of Wonders® and Overlord® series. Usually our games involve conquering the world one way or another, hence our name. Our most recent title is the PC/Mac/SteamOS strategy title Age of Wonders 3, which we self-published to critical and commercial success.

Our goal is to make games deep in mechanics and immersion that you can play for hundreds of hours. Our games blend elements of multiple genres and have strong multiplayer component. We want our games to tell personal stories that people can share. We write our own technology, and for most of our games, we ship level editing and modding tools. As hardcore gamers ourselves, we work closely with our dedicated community who share our passion for virtual world domination.

Triumph Studios History

  • 1997: Triumph Studios is founded by Arno van Wingerden and Lennart Sas, two friends who met during their studies, sharing a taste in strategy games.
  • 1999: Age of Wonders, a blend of wargame and fantasy RPG is released in partnership with Epic Games and Gathering of Developers.
  • 2002: After the success of Age of Wonders, Triumph expands the company and releases Age of Wonders II with publisher Take Two.
  • 2003: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic the stand-alone expansion is released. Shadow Magic became the pinnacle of the first generation of Age of Wonders games.
  • 2004: Triumph creates prototypes for strategy games suited for multi-platform play. We start writing the first incarnation of the CREATOR 3D engine.
  • 2007: Overlord emerges on PC and Xbox 360, published by Codemasters. Overlord is an action RPG with tactical elements, were the player is a Dark Lord leading a horde of mischievous minions with a satirical comedy script written by Rhianna Pratchett.
  • 2008: The Overlord: Raising Hell expansion is released along with the PlayStation 3 port by 4J Studios. Triumph sells the Overlord IP to Codemasters.
  • 2009: Overlord II is released on three platforms simultaneously. The series ends up selling millions of copies and spin off titles follow.
  • 2011: Triumph leaves console development behind and transitions back to its roots, with investment help from Markus “Notch” Persson (a fan of the original games), Triumph develops Age of Wonders 3. Old time collaborators join the project.
  • 2014: Triumph self-publishes Age of Wonders III for PC/Mac/SteamOS, reclaiming the series’ leading position in the fantasy strategy genre. The Golden Realms expansion is released later in the year. Triumph.net launches.
  • 2015: Eternal Lords, a huge feature and content laden expansion for Age of Wonders III is released to much jubilation.
  • 2016: Triumph is hard at work on as of yet undisclosed strategy project.
  • 2017: After 20 years of independence, Triumph Studios is acquired by Swedish publisher and strategy powerhouse Paradox Interactive.
  • 2019: Age of Wonders Planetfall was released. The first Age of Wonders game in a mythological sci-fi setting.
  • 2023: Age of Wonders 4 was released.